New Product Launch:
Got a new product to show the world? Got an old product that has found a new niche? We take your business venture or new product and give it life—using the latest PR techniques from grass roots to traditional. We connect you to the people who didn’t even know they were looking for you.

Book Campaigns:
We’ve been to bed with the book industry. From concept to bookstore shelf, we intimately know the publishing process. Our knowledge of the book business and its key players puts us in a unique position to place a title and author on a national stage. With ever-shrinking traditional book review space, we find the angle that transcends the book. We package the pitch to supplement current news or simply create the buzz ourselves.

Direct to Cosumer Marketing: Building an online presence, through blogging, creating a blog, creating and releasing e-alerts, offering quick e-books and creating a website that will opitmize all of the above.

  • If the client has an established blog, we will teach them how to create content that provides a clear focus, offers something new to the audience and gives them a reason to come back.
  • If a client does not have a blog, we will begin by identifying all the major blogs in the client's expertise and then coach the client through the process of appropriate posting. Once the client is comfortable, we will establish their own blog.
  • We will identify all blogs that relate to our project and monitor these blogs daily. We will locate discussions that the client can add value to.

We provide local media coverage to support touring authors or artists. From pitching community blogs and print to booking radio and TV appearances, we will ensure a buzzworthy, well-attended event.

We craft the press release after in-depth discussions with clients. We take pride in providing releases that spark interest and demand attention, rather than the paint-by-numbers release that so often announce products or ideas. We distinguish ourselves from the formulaic by treating your press release as a pitch. We provide bios, Q&A's, and talking points.

You're scheduled for an interview. What now? We won't kick you out of the nest without equipping you with the basics of a flawless interview. From dress code to staying on message, we teach you how to make the most of every media appearance.